A classic spa experience in Lempäälä Health SpaOrganic lunch at Frantsila’s KehäkukkaSpend the weekend at the Frantsila wellbeing centre

How about a getaway in the countryside? Nopsa reveals the best all-natural travel destinations in Pirkanmaa, a couple of hours away from Helsinki by train.

The route was previously published in travel magazine Mondo.

A classic spa experience in Lempäälä Health Spa

In Helsinki, hop on an Intercity train towards Tampere and get off at Lempäälä for some serious pampering! The Lempäälä Health Spa was founded in 1926, and from the thirties to the sixties the spa was especially popular among Finnish artists. The treatments are all-natural, using mostly water, temperature changes, and wraps. You can either pop in for a single treatment or enjoy a whole weekend of relaxation. Nopsa, of course, recommends the latter. Remember to mention any dietary restrictions while booking!

Organic lunch at Frantsila’s Kehäkukka

Continue by train to Tampere and then catch a bus to Hämeenkyrö. Stop by at the restaurant Kehäkukka (that’s “marigold” in Finnish) at Frantsila’s herb farm to enjoy a vegetarian lunch. Don’t miss out on the blueberry pie! The kitchen uses Frantsila’s own organic herbs, which you can also go see and smell for yourself in the garden. A little shop sells Frantsila’s herbal remedies and organic treats.

Spend the weekend at the Frantsila wellbeing centre

Frantsila’s wellbeing centre delivers on its promise! Spend a weekend trying out the holistic treatments, get to know the different herbs and medicinal plants, and explore the surroundings on a rented bike (in the winter, don’t be afraid to try cross-country skiing!).

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